Unlocking the Potential of Vietnam as a Medical Tourism Destination

When you think you’ve got Vietnam all figured out, a country teeming with adventure, breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and welcoming locals, you find there’s more to discover.

Recently, through the new partnership with Kelley McCarthy, we decided to take a closer look at the world of medical tourism in Vietnam. We found a dental and plastic surgery hospital eager to expand its reputation beyond borders. In fact, it was Kelley’s experience that led us here to WorldWide Dental and Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Kelley has a wealth of stories to share and for more details I highly recommend, you listen to the podcast I conducted with her here.

Kelley has been a loyal patient of the hospital for over a decade, recommending it to her family and friends. However, she never delved deeper into why Vietnam is an excellent destination for dental and cosmetic procedures.

So, why haven’t you or I considered Vietnam for such treatments before?

The truth is, those who’ve ventured to Vietnam for these procedures we discover are the bold, the adventurous, and the curious. They were unsatisfied with the services offered in their home countries and discovered a hidden gem in Vietnam. Some might say they smiled all the way home, and we aim to do the same for our clients and promote Vietnam as the go-to destination for medical tourism, just as Thailand has done.

Over the past year, our relationship with “Worldwide” has grown in terms of knowledge and commitment. As their newly designated Travel Partner, we intend to leverage our expertise to facilitate the process for people who wish to explore medical tourism options through us. This may also include planning an entire trip, akin to a holiday, depending on the selected procedure.

That said, traveling with us is not obligatory. You won’t incur any additional costs compared to the advertised prices and doctors’ quotations by involving “What About Vietnam” or Kelley and me in facilitating introductions to “Worldwide” and helping with potential language barriers. While “Worldwide” has numerous English-speaking staff, nuances can sometimes be lost in direct translations, and that’s where we step in.

Imagine slang being used, with someone asking the doctor, “Will this procedure take ten years off my life?” The doctor’s intention isn’t to reduce your lifespan, but to add ten more happy years to it. You get the idea!

In summary, “What About Vietnam” serves as your gateway to “Worldwide.” Should you require our assistance in contacting the hospital, we can help you:

  • Obtain a quote for your desired procedure, whether it’s dental or cosmetic (refer to the list on their website).
  • Receive a comparative quotation.
  • Discuss your options, treatment, and long-term management.
  • Request a trip plan, complete with additional experiences in Saigon and other parts of Vietnam.
  • Seek advice on obtaining a Vietnamese visa for your stay
  • Inquire about the best time of the year to book your procedure to combine it with a holiday.

For more information, please contact Kerry Newsome or Kelley McCarthy at “whataboutvietnamtcservices” today.

If you’re seeking travel inspiration, don’t forget to explore Kerry’s podcast, featuring over 80 episodes, at www.whataboutVietnam.com.

Writer – Kerry Newsome

Founder/ Host

What About Vietnam

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