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Through our partnership arrangement with What About Vietnam, we aim to bring you the best in care for your dental and cosmetic surgery requirements. Why not get in touch and arrange for a free consultation.

If you’d like to revitalise your smile or become the best version of yourself, we invite you to book a consultation with us today.

Why not Check in with our global travel Partner – What About Vietnam

It’s our express desire to provide exceptional dental and cosmetic services in an environment that gives you value for money, confidence and a feeling of safety.

To do this we have established a relationship with Podcast Host – Kerry Newsome and her business ‘What About Vietnam’ of the same name. Kerry and her business partner Kelley McCarthy are well positioned to help you with any queries you have as Kelley has been a patient for over 10 years sending friends and family to Worldwide during this time.

Feel free to engage with What About Vietnam for any advice you require as they have become our intermediary partners to help you get the best treatment possible at the best price. It costs you no extra to utilise What About Vietnam as your general preliminary customer service agent.

We invite you to contact What About Vietnam via WhatsApp  +61 416 677793 or via email to [email protected]  for a no obligation chat about the services you are interested in.

OR  book a consultation direct with Worldwide today.

The best way to understand how we work

You can arrange a free consultation and we are very flexible offering you many channels to arrange a general consult or book directly for a FREE no obligation quotation

If you do not speak Vietnamese, we wish to allay any of your concerns as your consultation will be done in English. Plus, when you arrive at our hospital our staff will manage your treatment with English speaking staff appropriate for your services.

In addition, you can reach out to Customer service partners at What About Vietnam, at their page here to get their assistance with your booking for NO additional cost. With over 10 year’s experience with the hospital for dental work, Kelley McCarthy is well placed to give you the benefit of her experience and treatments during that time. Reach out to Kelley directly here

Conversely, why not book direct using the links below:

  • Online Form
  • Facebook Page – needs link
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hotline: +849 1490 0016
  • Directly at the hospital: 244A Cong Quynh Street, District 1 
  • Our team will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your queries and to make your consultation with our surgeon or dentist.
  • Step 1: Inquire about the cosmetic or dental procedure you wish to have. For cosmetic surgery, please present front and side photos of the body parts in question. For Dental? What do they need to provide?
  • Step 2: We will provide you with the estimated treatment cost and time frame, and also provide information about airfares, hotel, and tourism costs if required.
  • Step 3: Upon booking your appointment we can provide a pickup from the airport or your hotel and assist with designing you any other travel experiences you wish to have during your stay in Vietnam through our travel partners – What About Vietnam, a Vietnam Travel podcast and travel service provider.
  • Step 4 – If you would like to include a holiday as part of your treatment process while either in the healing phase or between treatments, this can be arranged by the experts at What About Vietnam, see here for detail.

Complimentary Consultation with the Surgeon for cosmetic surgery

When you come in for your consultation, a member of our staff will greet you in the lobby and take you to the 10th floor. You will have a one-on-one consultation with your surgeon and his assistant. The surgeon will examine you and recommend the most appropriate method for enhancing your natural beauty using the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques to achieve your desired look.

The page – https://worldwidebeautyhospital.com/getting-here/

Getting here and exploring Vietnam

Whether you’re a new patient or returning for additional care with us, we’re thrilled and honoured at the opportunity to provide you with exemplary dental care and cosmetic surgery options abroad.

After we have a better understanding of your treatment procedures we can then advise you on the suggested time allowance for your stay, and help you with advice on air travel and accommodations while in Saigon Vietnam. You may well be in a position to extend your stay to include a holiday or take time out between treatments for healing and enjoy some of the wonderful experiences in Vietnam.

For this type of service we have partnered with What About Vietnam, the Vietnam travel podcast and travel provider to assist you with your plans. As they are our English-speaking partners based in Australia with years of experience with our hospital, they are well placed to provide travel services, and well equipped to support your enquiries.

Please get in touch today to get their no obligation advice – [email protected]

From Australia, airlines including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, Air Asia, JetStar, Singapore Airlines and Philippine Airlines offer flights to Vietnam.

From New Zealand, airlines including Air Asia, China Southern, Air New Zealand, and Thai Airlines offer convenient flights to Vietnam.

If you decide you would like to extend your stay, the team at What About Vietnam are there to assist. If you are looking for some inspiration, you may like to check out the podcast for which they are famous – What About Vietnam

If at any time during the process you need their help or recommendations, please reach out as they are happy to handle booking travel on your behalf. After all, we believe five-star care should start before your treatment ever does.

Complimentary Pick-up Service

For international clients, we are pleased to provide free pick-up service to and from the airport as well as free pick-up service on the day of your surgery.

We understand that international clients may be a bit apprehensive about undergoing an operation or dental procedure overseas. For this reason, our team will consult with the surgery , about the recommended period to stay in Vietnam for the procedure you are having, and help to book hotels near the hospital. Our staff members speak English and French, so communication is never an issue.

We’re happy to help

If you have additional questions on your arrival or stay to Vietnam for your dental treatments or cosmetic surgery, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re happy to do all that we can for our patients to ensure an unforgettable experience filled with quality care and relaxation in our beautiful city.

Get started today!


What to Expect the First Day

When you first arrive in Vietnam to use the dental service or cosmetic surgery at our hospital, one of our staff members will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. We advise against taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel as drivers tend to drive a longer distance to raise the price. If you must take a taxi, however, we recommend Vinasun taxi or Mai Linh taxi. The airport has a private area for taxis located at port 13 and 14. Taxis are paid in cash, and you should exchange currency upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat International Airport as you will get the most competitive rate with a higher degree of safety. Conversely, you can access ATM’s just outside the airport which will issue you with local currency from your access cards.

Our staff will pick you up the following day to visit the hospital for your first appointment. Patients often book their own accommodation.

Upon request, we can suggest a range of hotel options from 3* to 5* close by. You can discuss these kinds of options with our partners What About Vietnam if you feel unsure and they can arrange for you or you can book yourself.

Appointments are often scheduled the day following patients’ arrival so they would have time to rest. You also might choose to visit our facilities immediately following your arrival if preferred.

Purchasing Supplies
Patients often bring their own supplies but should you wish to buy necessities while in the country, our staff will help you. You may need to purchase a local SIM card for use while staying in Vietnam. 

Preparing for Your Cosmetic Surgery or Dental Treatment

You should declare all of your medical conditions or allergy problems (if any) to the dentist or surgeon for appropriate treatment. If available, it’s a good idea to provide any prior dental information or surgical records.

During your consultation we would suggest the recommended number of days you should plan to stay in Vietnam and how they should be best spent to achieve the best outcome. It is advisable to travel with a friend or family member, who could take care of you upon your return to the hotel. If you are having dental treatment, you are not allowed to eat hard food or smoke while you are receiving care.

Some Helpful Do’s and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take a Xich Lo tour around Ho Chi Minh City or download the Grab App to your phone for easier bookings and fixed price trips
  • Cross the street slowly and pay very careful attention to vehicles from both sides
  • Try our fantastic variety of restaurants and street food tours
  • Talk to What About Vietnam about best tours to take during your stay, places like Ho Tram for luxury beach stay, The Mekong Delta, Hoi An Old Town, Phu Quoc island for the best sunsets
  • Have tailor-made clothing created at a local sewing shop
  • See some of our famous shows – AO Show
  • Hire a guide to help to visit some of the famous places of historical interest
  • Let us guide you to the best shopping and bargaining in Vietnam’s famous markets
  • Try our famous coffee if you are able during your treatment or after


  • Don’t drink tap water under any circumstances
  • Don’t take out your wallet and other valuable items on the street
  • Don’t pay for your purchase without making a bargain (in markets or local shops unless they are marked fixed price)

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Before you return home, it’s advisable to have a 1-day final check-up. You also should follow the instructions of your doctor or dentist after treatment. If you have any problems, please notify the dentist or surgeon as soon as possible. You also should take advantage of your time in Vietnam to check out some of our notable tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City.:

  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • War Remnants Museum
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum
  • Ao Dai Museum
  • Saigon Opera House
  • Ben Thanh markets

Outside Ho Chi Minh, we recommend visiting Cu Chi tunnels, a suburban district of Ho Chi Minh, and the Tay Ninh province, which borders Cambodia.

Where Should I Eat?

Whether you’re craving traditional Pho, rice paper rolls, Vietnamese pancakes, or various seafood dishes, Ho Chi Minh is filled with excellent restaurants that serve delicious cuisine. With so many delectable choices you may have trouble deciding where to eat first! Why not get in touch with What About Vietnam for their favourites.

Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital can’t wait for you to experience the many joys and adventures that Vietnam has to offer. If you’re unfamiliar with the city or the area and would like our assistance booking accommodations for your trip, we’re happy to help.

In addition you have at your disposal the option to arrange this with our travel partner – What About Vietnam. The advantage there is they can advise about the quality of the hotels, their closeness to our facility and the range of services you can enjoy there.

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as it is called is an ever-changing dynamic city, so don’t be surprised to find many more options than the hotels we have listed below, therefore What About Vietnam is best placed to advise you of others and experiences you might enjoy during your stay.

Below are some of the most relaxing and luxurious hotels that our patients enjoy most, many of which are within walking distance of our clinic as well as fabulous nightlife and dining.

Please note the prices below are approximates and vary according to season.

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