Tummy Tuck in Vietnam

If you have stretch marks or droopy skin on your abdomen, a tummy tuck can help you regain a slim and youthful look. At Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital,  our experienced team offers two methods of abdominoplasty: panniculectomy and liposuction. Liposuction removes fat or excess skin. If necessary, panniculectomy then pulls and tightens muscle tissue as appropriate for your body type, skin condition, age, fat and muscle.

What to Expect With a Tummy Tuck

tummy tuckThis procedure takes 2-3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia with a one-day hospital stay. You are required to fast for eight hours before the surgery. Your sutures will be removed after 7-10 days with your normal activities resumed after one week. You will be given a compressive garment to wear for one month, then worn only at home or while sleeping for a subsequent month.

Types of Tummy Tucks

There are five different tummy tuck procedures which will be chosen for you based on what is most appropriate for your case.

  1. Overall tummy tuck. In this most common type of tummy tuck, an incision is made in the lower abdomen and leaves a scar between the pelvic bones.
  2. Mini tummy tuck. Get rid of excessive lower belly fat with a smaller incision necessary that leaves the belly button in place.

If you would like to gain a sleeker look, tummy tuck Vietnam may be right for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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