Our Facilities

At Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital we have invested in the most modern equipment with the latest technology to create a fully-constituted system. It creates a cutting edge environment for our doctors to give the best result for our clients.

We are the first dental clinic in Vietnam equipped with a CT Cone-Beam 3D i-CAT made in the US and separate operation areas specialized for implant placement and oral surgeries.

3D Imaging and X-Rays


CT Cone 3D scannerRemarkably fast and accurate: Rapid 8.9 second scan time, full 3-D Reconstruction time < 20sec. For exact image to determine the important details of anatomic area for Implant placement, oral surgery, complicated root canal…

Base on the data from CT Cone-beam and the use of NOBEL CLINICIAN or SIMPLANT GO software for surgical guidance, we can perform virtual surgery on the computer in 3D spaces, select the best location and exact implant size, establish a treatment plan for clients.

Othophos panoramic xray machineOrthophos XG

This is used to take a digital cephalometric three dimensional panoramic x-rays for general examination, orthodontic and checkups. This equipment was made and purchased in Germany.

General Dentistry and Orthodontics

With nine Sirona C4+ modern dental chairs system made in Germany with the latest technology, networked computer screens to CT-cone beam, Orthophos OPG, P.A. we provide a comfortable and accurate treatment procedure. With the new materials, equipment and the most advanced techniques in Braces & Invisalign applied at Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, we guarantee making your orthodontics treatment become as effective, accurate and time-efficient as possible.

Dental Implant and Oral Surgery

We have special dental units for three surgery rooms and operation lamps system for surgery that contain networked computer screens with CT Cone-beam; Orthophos OPG; P.A, Nobel-clinician software to guide the surgeon during surgery. The oxygen, vacuum system and the heart rate monitor supports the patient during the surgery. The operation room is completely sterilized by UV disinfection lights.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

Using high-end models, technology and Sirona Sinus dental chairs which are imported directly from Germany and first used in Vietnam. Beautiful in color and features to provide a comfortable feeling for both doctors and patients during the treatment. Network computer screen with CT Cone-beam; Orthophos OPG; P.A, smile design software are also used.

Infection Control Department

With full sterilized instruments and procedure following the FDA standard to ensure completely sterile for all dental instruments.

In-house Lab

At Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, we have our own Lab in-house with the most advanced CAD/CAM techniques to ensure the high quality of each crown or veneer or bridge made and also save our clients’ time.


Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital | +84922253888

Worldwide Dental & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital | +84922253888