As JCV Engineering, as a member of Japan-China Consultant Co., Ltd.,
Through civil engineering construction design, we offer “customers’ trust and satisfaction” to customers.

We would like to introduce our service supplied to Japan market

Form cost estimation, choose option , design landscape, design preliminary

Form building option for construction, form construction plan,choose material and cost estimation

In detail, design, investigate, analyse steel composition of up-side of bridges.

I detail, design floor-side of steel, some types of stairs, barrage, cellar,..

In detail, design , investigate, analyse down-side steel of brigdes,footings and linkage paths

In detail, design, investigate , analyse steel-enfored concrete of many types of bridge

In detail, design,anaylyse, support when having earthquake, withstand ability og bridge

In detail, design cellar, drain, uderground garage and other underground construction works

In detail, design, anaylyse and plan land construction, wall,…

Design drawing for anti-noise wall, balcony, signboard, floodlight,…

In detail, design, anaylyse to handle earthquakefor civil construction works.

Secondary product, CCBOX, segment, PC member, road product design and drawing business

Reinforced wall work, provisional cutter, tie plate, pier, various planning of support, detailed design

Actual size of NC of steel bridge, actual size of CAD, preparation of inspection materials, production information processing work

S, SRC, RC construction analysis, detailed design, seismic diagnosis, reinforcement design work

3D modeling of architectural steel frame, structural diagram, construction drawing, picking up material, actual size chart work